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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is one tool that helps us increase self-awareness in our life, how we appear to others, and encourages maturity in relating to the world.

To begin this journey of self-awareness, I send you a link to complete an IEQ9 profile. This 23 page personalized report is 10% off the cost from the Integrative Enneagram website. In several sessions, we will explore the spiritual dimensions the Enneagram reveals about your inner spirit. This includes things like the psycho-spiritual aspect of your core type, motivations, behaviors, blindspots, sub-type, centers of intelligence, the growth from the wings and lines, as well as integration and strain levels. Each session will include a meditative time to incorporate a connection to God as you connect with your true self. 

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“Rather than putting us into a box, the Enneagram shows us how small or limited we have made our own box – and invites us to be our free, authentic self.” 


-Dirk Cloete, Integrative Enneagram



While there are many Enneagram tests you can take online (free and paid) to determine your type or number, their reliability for accuracy can vary greatly. Thus, you may think you are one Enneagram number when your true type is something else. The Integrative Enneagram (IEQ9) format has a 95% accuracy on type profile, but it also identifies numerous aspects of our personality structure, such as subtype, stress levels, interaction styles, conflict styles, levels of integration, and much more. No other Enneagram instrument is so multifaceted. Ultimately, no assessment should define which number you claim for yourself; you must decide that based on reading descriptions of the highs and lows of every number. There are also online panels of people describing what it is like as each type and you may recognize yourself there. If you would like to explore your own Enneagram habits, click below and we can discuss the possibilities.

“If a man is to live, he must be all alive, body, soul, mind, heart, spirit.” 


-Thomas Merton

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