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Enneagram Services

Introduction to The Enneagram
1 hour| $10

Email me from button below for Zoom link to an upcoming session

Sessions offered monthly

The next scheduled session is: 

March 13 Noon

(minimum participants needed, so click below if interested)

One-hour Zoom group teaching on the basic form and flow of the Enneagram. This will give short descriptions of each Enneagram type and the many growth opportunities the Enneagram offers. A good basic overview with some of the spiritual aspects defined.  Click Inquire Now button below to receive specific information to join the next or future session.

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Enneagram Exploration Part II
75 minute sessions | $100 ea.

This is the heart of the Enneagram Exploration. Part II will require several meetings to delve into the Enneagram Report and its psycho/spiritual dimensions. Each meeting will focus on varying topics from our emotional and psychological habits to resilience, stress, and much more

Is The Enneagram For You?
30 minute meet up | free

30-minute Introductory meeting if you are thinking of the Enneagram Exploration. Via phone or Zoom we will discuss where you are in life and what you would like to accomplish.

Send me an email to set up this introductory meeting.

This session is free of charge

Enneagram Group Exploration
Costs Vary

The Enneagram can benefit teams like church staff personnel or small groups that work closely together. When groups learn the wisdom of the Enneagram it fosters more insight into how people in teams interact, what motivates them, and how they respond to stress. When you know what makes people tick, it brings compassion and understanding to those who are different from you.

Enneagram Exploration Part I
IEQ9 Report & 75 minute individual session | $150

Upon registering, you will receive a link to complete the Integrative Enneagram Report for a $10 savings from the IEQ9 website. This 23-page individualized report covers the Enneagram specific constructs that reveal unconscious habits and support self-awareness and personal transformation

(the report is $50/the 75-minute  introductory session $100


Contemplative Prayer Services

Centering Prayer Primer

Sun. March 7 - 1pm EST

Learn basics about Centering Prayer.

A 1-hour Group Teaching on Centering Prayer via Zoom.

Learn its origins and how to practice. The group will experience a 20 minute "sit" together. Time for Questions after. 

Offered regularly throughout the year

also: Friday March 26 - 8pm EST


Email me for the free Zoom link by clicking on the "Inquire Now"

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Contemplative Practices & The Enneagram (CPE)
$150 for 10-week program

Coming Soon 2021 

(see pre-requisites below)

This is a group meeting weekly for 10 weeks. Each session will be a check in to see how life is going. Each session will include a 20 minute "sit" of Centering Prayer. 

Knowing ones Enneagram Type will make this time more meaningful. This group will be offered regularly so a community of prayer and mindfulness can be created. 


Pre-requisites of Centering Prayer teaching AND some knowledge of your Enneagram Type or actively seeking to find your Type. The Introduction to the Enneagram  and the Centering Prayer Primer on this website are possible places to begin

Email me from the "Inquire Now" link below to get group guidelines and payment information 


Book Studies

Upcoming Book Study
$15 one time cost

If you'd like to be on my email list for the next study, click on "Inquire Now" button below and I will get you some details