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Enneagram Services

Introduction to The Enneagram
Cost based on size of group
and setting


This is for group teachings

Email me from the button below

for more information

Email me to let me know your wishes for an in person or virtual group teaching session by clicking on the "Inquire Now"

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Enneagram Exploration Part II
75 minute sessions | $100 ea.

This is the heart of the Enneagram Exploration. The IEQ9 Report will give you metrics on type, subtype, conflict & interaction styles, stress & strain profiles, and much more. Our sessions together will explore the results to see if you concur and go deeper into what these results reveal. We will look at all the lines to see how they create new ways of living in more wholehearted ways with less contraction of self. We will discuss the spiritual aspects of these findings which confirm the image you bear as a child of God.

Part II will require several meetings to delve into the Report and its psycho/spiritual dimensions. Each meeting will focus on varying topics of your choosing 

Is The Enneagram For You?
20 minute meet up | free

20-minute Introductory meeting if you are thinking of the Enneagram Exploration. Via phone or Zoom we will discuss where you are in life and what you would like to accomplish.

Send me an email to set up this introductory meeting.

This session is free of charge

Enneagram Group Exploration
Costs Vary

The Enneagram can benefit teams like church staff personnel or small groups that work closely together. When groups learn the wisdom of the Enneagram it fosters more insight into how people in teams interact, what motivates them, and how they respond to stress. When you know what makes people tick, it brings compassion and understanding to those who are different from you.

Enneagram Exploration Part I
The iEQ9 is the first step

$55 for a 22 page in-depth report

To begin the Enneagram Journey you take an online assessment I send to you. The cost of this assessment is $55 which is a savings from the iEQ9 website. We then go to Part II of the Enneagram Exploration and discuss the results. 

Your IEQ9 Report is a 22-page individualized narrative report covering many of the Enneagram constructs which reveals unconscious habits and supports self-awareness and personal transformation


Contemplative Prayer 

Centering Prayer Primer

Learn basics about Centering Prayer.

A Group Teaching on Centering Prayer via Zoom.

Learn its origins and how to practice. The group will experience a 20 minute "sit" together. Time for Questions after. 

Offered regularly throughout the year


Email me for the free Zoom link by clicking on the "Inquire Now"

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Group Contemplative Practices 

January 2024 - March 

Six Sessions twice a month

to learn/discuss/practice various contemplative prayer forms

One or more may be just what sings within your soul

Centering Prayer - Jan 11

Lectio Divina - Jan 25

Welcoming Prayer - February 8

Visio Divina - February 22

Ignatian Examen - March 14

Enneagram Informed Prayer - March 28

This is a group will meet for up to 1.5 hours twice a month on Zoom. Each session will include a check-in time with each participant to see what is meaningful to them right now. Then a short discussion on the type of prayer and then we will all practice it together.

Email me from the "Inquire Now" link below to get group guidelines and payment information. 


Book Studies

Upcoming Book Study
There are no current book studies
 one time cost
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