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Enneagram Exploration

To know God more fully, we must also know ourselves. For one-on-one sessions, we explore your habits, actions, and unconscious behaviors to reveal your gifts and graces. This also reveals blind spots and adverse traits you can see, release, and allow God to bring an inner awakening of unconditional love

Click "Learn More" below for more about the Enneagram and the Integrative Enneagram Form we use for this process

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Contemplative Prayer

The Church of Jesus Christ is going through incredible changes. Some are threatened by the sheer magnitude of the changes. Others know that growth and moving to a new level of spiritual consciousness will be tumultuous, but Spirit-led as well. 

If people of faith can willingly embody the realities of God at work in the world, they may find that Contemplative Prayers will hold them in the deepening space of closeness to God. 

Flourishing Souls desires to create a community of people who will practice Centering and other Contemplative Prayer forms weekly for connection, accountability, and intentional focus on each another while opening their heart to God. 

Click on "Learn More" to consider what is awaiting you if you are willing.

Other Services

Other services available : 

Speaker on the Enneagram & its spiritual significance

Speak on a Biblical topic of choice

Pre-Marriage Sessions using the wisdom

of the Enneagram


Public Speaking / Preaching

Book or Bible Study Groups

Retreats / Workshops 

Topics can be arranged

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