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You complete an IEQ9 profile from my link (which is 10% less than the IEQ9 website). This profile provides us a 22 page personalized report. Together we schedule 4 or 5 ninety minute sessions to explore the following items with the spiritual dimensions God placed within you: Core Enneagram Type, Motivation, Behavior, Psychodynamics, Blindspots, Strengths and challenges, Center of Expression, Subtype, Wing Influence, Self- Awareness and Integration, Strain Levels, Lines of Tension and Release. I bring contemplative prayer practices to each sessions that align with your personality type.

The beauty of the Enneagram is it reveals your very essence, who God created you to be, with all the inner resources you already have to be accessed, healed, and/or utilized. The Enneagram helps you see your whole self. When you bring all of you to the deep prayer connection Contemplative Prayer practices offer – the result is union with God.

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This is a group of people joining together to learn specific prayers and practice them together. Currently, these will be an on-line Zoom format.


In addition to Enneagram Exploration and Contemplative Prayer, Flourishing Souls provides a variety of additional professional services. From premarital counseling to being the officiant at your wedding, as well as other speaking engagements.


Contact Rev. Jill Smith with your specific inquiry by clicking the button below. 

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