About Flourishing Souls

When something flourishes, it grows or develops in a healthy or vigorous way. It thrives, succeeds, and produces.

Would you describe yourself as flourishing? Do you feel your body, mind, and soul is growing and expanding in wonderful ways?

If not, that may be why you are here.

  • Flourishing Souls is not a feel-good self-help place. It is faith-based, but you don't have to be a part of any faith to benefit from what is here. The focus of this ministry is to explore the depth of the enneagram and apply its spiritual dimensions to your life. One profound connection to self and God is by using the wisdom of the Enneagram with Contemplative prayer forms. 

  • Flourishing Souls is not going to ask you to be more, do better, or fix something that is broken in you. There is no judgment for you to discover your true self.

  • Flourishing Souls approach will ask you to see what you already possess and encourage you to release the things that no longer work in your life. Becoming self-aware is the beginning of seeing who you already are. Nothing is missing, but perhaps not everything you are is working for you as well as you hoped. This is what the Enneagram can offer.

  • Perhaps you have been a good, loving, and faithful person. Trying to be your best and still, something about God seems to be distant or out of your grasp. This is where one or more of the quiet, contemplative type of prayers can allow your heart to hear, your mind to expand, and your body to embrace the unconditional, fully accepting the love of God already present to you. To experience this is to begin to flourish as the person God created you to be.

  • If you have been a part of a faith community that seems to be more about doing, than about being… Or if you have hit a wall in life that is saying, “is this all there is to faith?” You may be craving a new way to connect with God: body, spirit, and mind. This may be your next step if you dare to take it

  • Flourishing Souls is not therapy. It is not counseling. Those forms of personal growth are greatly encouraged if you have never learned how your past affects how you appear in the world today. What the Enneagram does is help find patterns you have developed to make sense of the world. When you see, understand, and accept how you are, there are no judgments as to why. The beauty of the Enneagram is to see, claim, and adjust to how you respond to yourself, people around you, and the world. The Enneagram offers a beautiful opening to more of the joy and challenges life offers. It is a grounded and healthy way to live.

To flourish is to be at one's prime, the height of excellence. The verb flourish means moving into something with contentment and passion. To flourish is to bloom beautifully without pretense.

Perhaps you would like to explore that in your life. Welcome to Flourishing Souls.


"If you wish to live in peace and harmony with others, you must learn to discipline yourself in many ways."

[Discipline as the habits that bring new life]

-Thomas à Kempis-


About Jill Smith

Jill Schneider Smith, a pastor in the United Methodist Church for twenty years, sought a new way to connect people with God. Upon discovering both Contemplative prayer forms and the Enneagram, both brought her an understanding of herself, a closeness to God, and inner healing. She looked for ways to get these gifts to the kingdom of God.

The richness of events throughout Jill's life allows her to see God at work everywhere: in the painful and beautiful parts of life. In 2019 Jill received her Doctor of Ministry Degree with the thesis, Inner Healing Through Centering Prayer in a local church. This work, paired with years of pastoral experience in the church, convinced her people are hungry for deep inner connections to God that most typical US religious institutions do not teach or know themselves. These were the seeds for starting Flourishing Souls.

Jill loves big dogs, dark coffee, and deep conversations. She prefers movies with plot twists, and you won't catch her watching the Lifetime Network. World travel is an unrelenting desire she hopes to satisfy more and more IF THE PANDEMIC EVER SLOWS DOWN. All this, and helping others see all the possibilities life has for them in the God-image they bear are things that motivate her life.